Games to be preloaded on handsets: As handset manufacturer it's very important to preinstall better games than competitor ones. Our J2ME games could be not only installed by final users, but also bundled in devices.
We have already a set of Anfy Team Mobile games licensed to OEM's and included in handsets distributed in Europe and Asia.
Since users consider preinstalled games as a proof of handset capabilities, we strongly suggest to OEM's to include at least one killer application, which we could provide upon receiving device specifications and hardware prototypes.

Betatesting and consulting on KVM's and OEM API: Anfy Team Mobile has experience of betatesting J2ME implementations, designing and debugging OEM API's.
We are active in the Java Community Process in the definition of new standards and are betatesters for most manufacturers already.
Our past customers include KVM/J2ME acceleration chipset manufacturers and we released the most used J2ME/MIDP multimedia benchmarking tools such as Amark.


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