22 Feb 2007
Released Callfilter, a FREE Symbian UIQ application.

2004 - 2006
Anfy Mobile develops Mobile Gambling, Betting, Blogging Java and/or Symbian platforms for leading companies (names can not be disclosed).

17 Feb 2003
Anfy Mobile, in partnership with ACOTEL, is the only company to demonstrate working mobile Java multiplayer games at the 3GSM World Congress. Deployed commercially in TIM carrier a few months later.

11 Oct 2002
Mobile games from Anfy Mobile launched by AT&T Wireless in USA, and shortly after in many other worldwide carriers such as Vodafone and TIM.

16 Feb 2001
Anfy Mobile is the first european company to use the mobile Java technology, releasing 3 games for Japanese i-appli cell phones.


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