Call Filter

Blocks unwanted calls


Allows block/unblock calls on the go ..


Maintains a log of rejected calls .. and allows to send an sms or make a call to the rejected caller immidiately !


The best of all .... its all at no cost ...

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Introduction Filter rules Rejected Call Logs User Support

Call Filter is a utility application realised under the concept “Simple Yet Efficient” for your Symbian devices. It allows you to hang-up any incoming calls from contacts selected as a filter rule in rules screen...

The rules screen allowing users to add any contact or a phone number that shall be rejected automatically. As soon as a rule is added it is set as active, note the green light, later if you would like to allow incoming calls from this...

Logs screen allows you to have a very quick look to the calls that were rejected by the Call Filter application with time stamps and the date...

At we believe in user support and so do we now wish to interact with our smart users. If you come across a problem and find it a little difficult to install or make use of this application with your Symbian smart phone...

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