Anfy Mobile is competing with other developers, especially the big ones with worldwide offices and US$ millions in funds: Gameloft, THQ, EA...
But, competing against everyone is a bad move: freelance developers and small companies should establish partnerships to be visible and boost sales.

Game publishing:
Best customers such as mobile carriers does not search on web sites for games, but instead look at them on face to face meetings in their headquarters. Placing your games on sites and repositories will not get carriers, and e-mailing them usually have no effect. But why loose time and money travelling worldwide to showcase the games, when Anfy Mobile can do it for you?
Don't trust who claim to be able to publish in all the world! Anfy Mobile is strong in Italy, North Europe, USA. Other publishers are strong in Uk only, or Germany only, or France only, or Asia only: anyone really launched games in more than 3-6 carriers, but don't give the games to everyone, it's worst!
Get ONE only targeted publisher per country or area, or your games will become trash for portals worth $10 per month: mobile carriers sell more than independent portals, but mobile carriers get games only from big or local companies, skipping content that is already in portals.
We pay 60% to the developer and keep 40% for Anfy Mobile: you can let us distribute worldwide, where we partner with Acotel and mForma, or limit the agreement to Italy only, where we cover 40 millions of potential customers (TIM and Vodafone), just check our customers list and decide.
We maintain your company or personal name in credits we test the games on all the phones to solve problems that does not happen in emulators, saving you the money to purchase all the devices, and to pass the mobile carriers requirements and certifications.

If you have games to distribute, contact us.

Game purchase: Who prefer to collect money immediately, bypassing the risk of waiting (in worst case indefinitely) for customers and revenues, could offer game licenses directly to us. Anfy Team mobile purchase games with source code as exclusive license if game quality and price are worth the deal.
It's important that the game is available or will be converted for most of the Nokia, Motorola, Siemens and Samsung phones, and of course that is not very similiar to one of our games.
We don't purchase games that are already released commercially or as freeware in public domain, so if you have something good running be sure to show it to us when it's still a secret.
We guarantee confidentiality: all materials and information are discarded from our hard drives and brains if games aren't finally purchased, and we can sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) when required.

If you have games to sell, contact us.

Employment: Anfy Mobile is hiring, mainly freelance tele-workers on hourly, daily or project basis. The open positions are:

  - J2ME/MIDP game programmers.

The programmers should have made already sample J2ME games to show us.
If you meet the requirements and are interested, contact us.

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