A research on 3G servics by Detica that involved 2,500 interviews with UK consumers shown that Entertainment services are the most waited, with 83% saying they would be likely to use mobile games.

People aged under 30 are now enjoying portable consoles, but when their phones will be able to do the same, mobile carriers can grab such revenue channel.
Be prepared! As Console game industry teaches, games are not created equal. Playing a boring game is not the same as playing a "killer application", re-played daily by excited users.

Entertainment J2ME original titles licensing: You can choose from a portfolio of original Anfy Team Mobile in-house developed games. If required we can rebrand or customize them.

Entertainment J2ME published titles licensing: as content aggregators we publish games made by selected partners, which retain their name in credits. Every game is quality tested and adapted to match Anfy Mobile standards. We work as a risk and troubles filtering interface between developers and mobile carriers, to leave carriers focused on their competencies.

Entertainment J2ME customized titles development: We can develop games based on customer projects, including brands of movies, consumer products and other trademark properties owned or acquired for the purpose, following this process:

   1) Analyze customer brands and marketing goals.
   2) Propose game designs that are technically possible.
   3) Detail game concept differences between handsets.
   4) Estimate design and development price.
   5) Develop playable beta and final versions.
   6) Cooperate with customer on testing and trial.
   7) Analyze user's response for future projects.

As we independently do the development there are no reselling fees, and you have the warranty of fast support and updates.

Porting of games on different handsets: Each J2ME device have different screen size, number of colors, memory and speed capabilities: this means 10% up to 70% of code and graphics have to be rewritten to adapt a game to a different handset.
Beware of people showing a J2ME game only on PC emulators, or on a single device, as this does not mean it will run on all the real mobile phones properly.
Our porting services are available to solve any incompatibility.

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