WAP/MMS/SMS limits

To carriers and wireless portals: do you think only WAP, SMS/MMS, ring tones and logos exists to increase average revenue per user (ARPU)?

WAP is limited: browsing few gray WML pages bored most users, especially for entertainment. The so called "wireless internet" is still a laptop computer connected with a phone, not a phone alone. How to make 2.5G and 3G (GPRS/UMTS) data services popular and profitable?

Beside voice calls, people may like the ability to download and use on the device their preferred applications, like on a PC or Game Console.
Most would not bring with them 2 or more devices (a phone and a PDA or laptop), but instead 1 phone that can download applications.

Users complaints of WAP/MMS entertainment services:

  • Each time I play a WAP/MMS game I am billed, I will not play again.
  • WAP/MMS games aren't as interactive as PC/Console ones I am used to play.

What if service is a client software application:

  • Only the first time an application is downloaded (15Kb up to 70Kb) there is a cost. Later, users could play free of charge indefinitely, feeling it as a free service. Extra costs apply only if the game is designed to read the network for additional levels or multiplayer data.
  • Applications can match the quality of best portable console games like Nintendo Gameboy, but at cheaper price, encouraging to purchase them.
It's obvious: programs executed on the client device are more exciting and flexible than displayed documents, even if generated from the most advanced server technology. The mobile phones market become more similar to the application-driven PC market:

Applications versus Documents: Applications win.

Think of something that could be provided to your 2G, 2.5G and 3G subscribers as pay per download, monthly subscription or as limited time trial by placing an expiration date in the code. If you prefer to provide free downloads, you still can generate traffic revenue with applications data reading. You were thinking of Midlets, the J2ME (Java) applications for mobile devices.

A list of benefits:
  • Some free single player games could load later extra levels.
  • Multiplayer games generate data traffic for chat and moves.
  • Customers could install games with your brand.
  • Write here your idea... new opportunities are a lot!

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